Lighting & HVAC

If you require any Lighting and/or HVAC service after normal business hours, please follow these instructions:

For an hour of Lighting at a time, press the Zone Button in your space for the desired corresponding area and receive lighting on command.

If you require Lighting and/or HVAC for an extended period of time, please contact Melynda,, in advance.. Our management team would appreciate as much notice as you can provide for any future Lighting and/or HVAC events. If you have a request after normal business hours, please reach out to our emergency contacts.

Madison Haslam, CPM
Senior Property Manager

Melynda Bullock
Assistant Facilities Manager

Please include the following in your event request:

Lighting and/or HVAC
Start Time
End Time
Expiration Date

If you need a recurring after-hours schedule (Standing Request), please submit your schedule in email to Madison Haslam. The schedule will be set with an indefinite end date or with an expiration date, per your request.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

Thank you.
Millrock Management