Construction Services


Millrock Management experienced in-house construction staff located in Salt Lake City, Utah is available to diligently and professionally manage project budgets, schedules, and progress bringing superior quality to any size job.

Maintaining and enhancing the value of a commercial asset requires constant evaluation of its physical appearance and functional usefulness. With Millrock’s strong tradition of development and construction management, we offer formidable capabilities and resources to our clients. Each property’s service team takes a hands-on approach to maximizing the value of any construction project; diligently managing quality, budgets, and schedules.

Millrock Management provides innovative services as a construction manager. Our staff excels in a variety of delivery systems, from traditional contracting to fast-track design/build. They pride themselves on meticulous project preparation, careful evaluation of design, comprehensive system analysis and materials selection, all to ensure the long-term operating efficiency of client facilities. The construction management team ensures that each project is matched with appropriate resources and expertise. Through technical skill, pre-construction know-how, and performance capability, our team is able to anticipate project challenges and develop solutions that meet clients’ objectives.

Millrock’s construction management services include:

  • Design Coordination and Management
  • Construction Bid Coordination
  • Contract Review/Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Tenant Improvements Oversight
  • Work Letter & Lease Language Review
  • Product Types Include: Downtown & Suburban & Office