At Millrock, we believe in thinking long term, and doing things right to unlock value. We work with City Leaders, adding value in our communities, keeping in mind what is right vision for the project and highest and best use for the Community.

Culture and Values

A team needs a certain amount of tenacity, confidence, and self-belief to create value. We believe in each other and in our ideas. We go beyond the balance sheet to discover, invent, create, and ultimately, unlock value in everything we do. Thinking long term is at the heart of our brand, and enables us to see value where others don’t.

The Millrock Team’s mission is to be the preeminent developer and operator of masterfully planned commercial properties. We create timeless places and extraordinary experiences that inspire people while driving sustainable, quality and long-term growth and value for our Tenants and Partners.

Collaboration is about mutual trust. A trust based on chemistry, competence, character, interdependence, honesty and integrity. We work together in good faith, as individuals and teams, to achieve a shared vision. It’s about accountability, cooperation and transparency. We share in the risks... and the rewards.

Our Clients

We’re fortunate to be able to work with and in meeting the needs of many great companies.